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About Brian Newmark

Brian Newmark of Villanova Pennsylvania (suburban Philadelphia) is first and foremost a proud husband of more than 20 years and father of teenagers.

Professionally, Brian Newmark is an Internationally focused Brand Management Guru, Marketing and PR Genius, Social Media Master, Porsche Fanatic and all around great guy.

Newmark is regularly sought out by entrepreneurs who have great ideas or business opportunities, but are unsure how to execute.¬† Brian’s unique ability to develop a marketing plan along with keen operational and business strategy skills make him a unique asset to any organization.¬† Newmark has learned these skills during over 20 years as a business owner/operator. In addition to public relations and marketing, Newmark has specific industry experience in: Salesforce administration, administration, wastewater treatment, restaurants, delivery as a service, risk management, home care, assisted living, insurance, annuities and auto detailing.

After 12 years serving as a Salesforce systems administrator and developer for multiple sales organizations Brian Newmark earned is Salesforce Administrator Certification.


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