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Brian Newmark April 2018 Update

I'm thrilled with the progress one of the companies I co-founded is making. We stalled a bit in the second half of 2017, but made tremendous progress in the first quarter. It looks like we'll be shooting a demo-reel by this summer. More details to come as soon as they become public. ...

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January 2018 Brian Newmark Update

Wow, it has been a long time since I spent time offloading my thoughts. So here is an update of 2017. Last year was an interesting year. I spent the first half of the year working non-stop on Deaflix Inc. a company I co-founded in 2014.  In late 2016 things started to heat up and Deaflix became nearly a full time job. For that reason, I sold the restaurants of Naan Ventures.  The experience was fun, I doubl ...

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Just an Update From Brian Newmark

All, I know it seems like I've quit doing these posts, but I have not.  I've been building up the content on my company website Augment Marketing.  For a bit of a change of pace, I purchased a restaurant in the University City neighborhood of Philadelphia called Tandoor India.  Yes it is an Indian restaurant.  Customers frequently ask if I'm from India, I say, no Villanova.  It makes me smile :-) Currently ...

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Content Marketing Strategies for Business by Brian Newmark

Content marketing can be really helpful for your business. Both online or offline business looking to create an awareness about their brands can use content marketing for promotions. One of the very basic requirements for a content marketing campaign to work positively for a business is to have a solid strategy backing it up. Strategy is something that will decide the fate of a content marketing campaign an ...

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Where You Went Wrong With Content Marketing, How To Fix It

Content marketing is a specialized form of marketing. It is easy to overlook certain crucial fine print and go wrong and mess it up badly. When you do content marketing properly it bring a lot of benefits, so you can’t ignore it and you can’t go wrong. This is a tricky situation. Let us discuss the various scenarios in content marketing where you went wrong and how you can fix it. 1) Content: With so much c ...

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How I Make Content Marketing Look So Easy, by Brian Newmark

Content marketing is easy. Content marketing is quick. It’s a complete process in itself and provides absolute success in marketing your brand. So, what is the catch? It’s how you approach it, how you strategize and implement it. Content marketing can be very easy if done properly from the start without making any mistakes. In this article, we will discuss the step by step process of making a content market ...

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How Content Marketing Drives Direct Targeted Traffic, by Brian Newmark

Looking for more traffic? Is the targeting not accurate enough? Sure you got the niche correct and the audience is very much interested too, but unfortunately you do not ship to that particular location. Or perhaps you were looking for the other gender? Gone are those days when you had to buy an ad on a TV show and expect that some people watching your ad might end up buying your product. Even with the earl ...

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