Content Marketing at Its Best, by Brian Newmark Reviewed by Momizat on . Brian Newmark's views of the day on Content Marketing. This is one marketing tool which can transform an online business into a huge brand. Content marketing is Brian Newmark's views of the day on Content Marketing. This is one marketing tool which can transform an online business into a huge brand. Content marketing is Rating:
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Content Marketing at Its Best, by Brian Newmark

Brian Newmark’s views of the day on Content Marketing.

This is one marketing tool which can transform an online business into a huge brand.

Content marketing is a total package that delivers top results.

It can generate traffic, build and grow an audience, create a following and convert all of these into sales. When it comes to content marketing, there are no half measures. Either it is at its best or it is a total failure. In this article, we will discuss several marketing tools that are necessary to do content marketing at its best.

1) Copyscape:

This is the basic requirement for content marketing. Copyscape checks your content for plagiarism and shows similar content that is already published on another website.

If your content is unique then it will generate zero results if you use copyscape on it.

2) Buffer:

Buffer is primarily a twitter tool which can be used to schedule tweets in advance. The paid plans can be used to schedule tweets in advance for weeks or even months in the future.
While this is something that can be done manually, by posting every day. However, as humans we tend to forget and our social profiles are left un-updated for days on a stretch. So, having a tool like buffer helps a lot.


There are no alternative to the visual delight. An infographic gets a lot more social shares and mentions than any text based content can get. Visually is an infographic directory where infinite amount of infographics are published every day.
Leverage the power of visually and re-publish those infographics with proper attribution to gain social media following.

4) Click To Tweet

Click to tweet is a social plugin that allows you to create tweetable links and add it inside the article. This acts like a call-to-action button and increases social shares.

If your article contains social media bites then this method can be really helpful. Most people want their tweets to be auto made; they want their tweet to be interesting and different. Everyone tweets the title, there is nothing unique about it. If your article contains some tweetable text followed by the tweet-it button, things will be much easier for people to share it quickly.

5) All Top

All top is a blog directory and the very best there is. If you are looking for great blogs related to just about any niche, for the purpose of pitching guest blogging pitches or doing comments and general outreach, all top is the best place to begin with.

All top mostly include quality sites, so spammy blogs are really out of the table.

6) Guest Blogging

One of the best tools for content marketing is guest blogging. Guest Blogging allows you to post your article and connect with a readership that does not belong to you. You can reach out to any audience and make it yours by the power of guest blogging.

Lately, guest blogging is something that is getting plenty of attention and mostly for all the wrong reasons. If you are starting into guest blogging and planning to take it as a primary marketing option then go for nofollow backlinks to be safer.

7) Trello

Content marketing requires organising a lot of things, especially if you are doing it as a team.
Trello is a website that is great for keeping things organized. List things; assign them to other trello members that are in your team. Make a list of things to do as a priority etc.

8) Google Docs

Google docs is a document sharing website. You can create a word document and share it with your team using Google Docs.
Since Google Docs is a real time document creating and sharing tool, it can be really helpful in sharing important documents and quickly implementing strategies over the internet.

9) Uber Suggest

Uber is a keyword suggestion tool. When it comes to keyword tools, there is simply no end to those, but uber is one of the very best keyword tool available. It runs on the Google’s suggestion engine. You enter a letter or just about anything and based on that, Uber will fetch data from Google and give you suggestions.

10) Email Service

Any content marketing campaign will fail if there is no email system to follow up with the readers.
There are plenty of email services like Aweber, Mailchimp etc. which are all great when it comes to sending newsletters and email updates. Of course an email newsletter’s success totally depends on the quality of the content and the targeting of your subscribers, which is why you should make sure to deliver the same quality of content that brought these subscribers to you in the first place.

With content marketing, there are no half measures and empty chances. Either it is at its best, or not at all. Use these above mentioned content marketing tools to boost your content marketing efforts. I hope this was a help to you and thanks for all the great feedback I’m getting – Brian Newmark

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