Top 10 Reasons Content Marketing Increases Sales Reviewed by Momizat on . Are your sales down? Not getting enough customers for your excellent products? There is no problem with your system. The problem is in your reach. If no one kno Are your sales down? Not getting enough customers for your excellent products? There is no problem with your system. The problem is in your reach. If no one kno Rating:
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Top 10 Reasons Content Marketing Increases Sales


Are your sales down?

Not getting enough customers for your excellent products? There is no problem with your system. The problem is in your reach. If no one knows about your products, whatever you do, you won’t get any sale. Use content marketing for the rescue, build your audience, grow your business and boost your sales. Here are the top 10 reasons on how content marketing increases sales.

1) Build your own Brand

Content marketing builds a brand out of a business. Your business can be a small scale business, but with the help of proper content marketing strategy, it can reach the heights or visibility where only top brands are placed. When the content is trusted, it generates a loyal feeling among the followers and customers. This trust is generally associated with popular brands and their followers are called fans. Apple as their fans and you know how strongly they back the company. Content marketing can provide you with such fans that are always ready to buy your products.

2) Social Influence

Social media is the way forward for any business that wants to keep an online presence. It is the social media that has the most reach and the quickest means of spreading anything.
Though, social media is considered to be a bit low on the selling as the ROI is always better in search. But all that changes with content marketing. The direct ROI of a social campaign might be low, but the reach and the speed of reach of much more compared to any other form of marketing. And this reach brings with itself the power of influence which boosts sale in the longer run.
Social influence also helps in reputation management which is yet another thing that content marketing does efficiently.

3) Long term followers

Content marketing builds lasting impression into the hearts and minds of your customers. This is not like a PPC campaign that brings short term gain. It builds long term followers for later use and re-use.

4) Customers are already sold on your content

The best thing about content marketing is that your customers are already sold. They love your content and they wait for your pitch. Pitch them whenever you feel like, as they are already waiting to buy your product

5) Call to action

Content marketing can be used to generate call to action. This has got to be subtle. If you push for a sale too harshly, it won’t work. Content marketing helps to build your base on which you make your pitch. If done correctly, there will be no need to do a pitch on the content itself and still at the end of your content; your audience will want to buy whatever you are promoting.

6) Loyal List

Content marketing helps to build the most awesome, the most loyal of the lists. Once your audience starts to consume your content, make sure to keep feeding them. You keep sending them content and they keep waiting for your emails. Send some promotional pitches at times and watch them buy your stuff. List building with content marketing is the best way to keep a hungry and active consumer base.

7) Repeat Business

Selling your stuff using content marketing helps in getting repeat business. Loyal customers are not meant for a one time sale as they look forward to buy more from you. Keep selling them and keep entertaining them. You need them as much as they need you.

8) Best ROI

Content Marketing provides the best return on your investment. Cost analysis is important to figure out if a content marketing campaign is bringing the best bang for your buck.
Measure your cost and match them over any other form of marketing, say PPC, SEO, CPA etc. Content marketing will come on top with the best results.

9) Re-use Content

An ebook or a flagship article or any other form of content that is used for content marketing is a onetime investment. It can be re-used for ever. This is one of the better parts about content marketing. Whatever you create as part of your content marketing strategy can be re-used in many forms. The best of the flagship articles can be used in full or part in emails or broken into an ebook and re-used. The same content can be sent to the new followers on email or social media. Content creation is the difficult part but the fact that it can be re-used several times sort of minimises the overall costs and provides great ROI.

10) Easy Promotions

It is always easy to promote your content rather than your business. Promoting content does not seem self-promotional and even others such as your competitors might help you in promoting it.
Everyone likes to share great content, it helps them and it helps you even more.Content marketing does improve sales; however it is the long term sales that get the maximum boost. Measure your sales over a period of time and see how much content marketing has helped you in the process.

I hope this helps – Brian Newmark

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