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How to Compete On the Internet with Marketing Campaigns

The internet is a huge place and it is ever growing. The sear size of the internet in number of users has crossed 3 billion in 2014. If you think it is difficult to reach them, half of those people are already on Facebook now. There are over 12 Billion monthly searches on Google. The stats are huge and that is a great thing. It is not about the competition that you should worry about; it is the size of the ...

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Customer Service, A Key Factor To Product Marketing, by Brian Newmark

Whatever business you are in, there is one universal business truth that applies to everyone. It is far cheaper to retain a customer than earn a new one. If you have existing customer, turn them into your loyal followers and evangelists by keeping them happy. It is the law of compounding at play where you retain old customers and add new ones and this way you will have more customers than what you had in th ...

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Business Blogging: A Must Do For All Companies, by Brian Newmark

There was a time when every business was expected to have a website. Now, most have it anyway. And it is no longer enough. When everyone has a facebook page, a Google local listing, a twitter ID, a website and everything else that is a must have, it becomes a general practice. You have it and so does everyone else. What sets you apart is how you maintain it. In a time like this, a perfectly maintained busin ...

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When Product Marketing Goes Wrong by Brian Newmark

Product marketing is an online marketing method where a certain product is promoted and marketed to get more sales. There are several ways by which a product can be marketed online. It is a quick way to start selling the product and earning instant income. If the product is sold on subscription then it can even bring monthly income. Product marketing surely seems like a great idea. There is almost nothing b ...

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Marketing Online, 9 things NOT To do, by Brian Newmark

Online marketing can be done on several channels. Each offers unique benefits and with every marketing method one can explore a wide range of opportunities. There are social platforms, PPC, SEO and there are a whole host of marketing methods like guest blogging, content marketing etc. Any marketing method is worth doing as long as it brings positive ROI. However, there are certain online marketing methods t ...

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Content Marketing at Its Best, by Brian Newmark

Brian Newmark's views of the day on Content Marketing. This is one marketing tool which can transform an online business into a huge brand. Content marketing is a total package that delivers top results. It can generate traffic, build and grow an audience, create a following and convert all of these into sales. When it comes to content marketing, there are no half measures. Either it is at its best or it is ...

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Content Marketing; A Strong Strategy For Driving Traffic, by Brian Newmark

Traffic. This term has a different meaning based on the perspective. If sales are your primary goal, the action that your generated traffic takes should end up buying your stuff. If you want conversions, perhaps on an email list or on social media, you will have a different approach with your traffic. You need a traffic strategy in place that brings targeted traffic based on your specific needs. This is whe ...

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Is Guest Blogging Really Good For Content Marketing, by Brian Newmark

Guest Blogging, it is a marketing tool to provide great content and get published in return. The process is fairly simple; you as a guest blogger research your niche and find a bunch of blogs that are related to your business. Then, start learning more about those blogs like what kind of topics works best on them, what has been covered and what can do well that has not been covered yet. Once you are ready, ...

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How Content Marketing Develops New Leads and Relationships, by Brian Newmark

Looking for new sales lead? Want to build more business connections online? Need loyal customers for your business? You have already tried a number of marketing strategies and none got you anywhere near your goals. It is time to stop thinking about the sales directly and start working on your content marketing activities. Once you build a strong relation with your target audience, sales will start to flow a ...

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