Marketing Your Products Online, by Brian Newmark Reviewed by Momizat on . Having your own products and selling them online is the ultimate online stability for any business. All you need to do is get your products online and both digi Having your own products and selling them online is the ultimate online stability for any business. All you need to do is get your products online and both digi Rating:
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Marketing Your Products Online, by Brian Newmark

Having your own products and selling them online is the ultimate online stability for any business.

All you need to do is get your products online and both digital and real-world goods qualify for this.

However, getting your products online and making sales are two different things.

When it comes to marketing your products on the internet, you need quite a few steps to successfully market and sell.

1) Tweak your site:

When marketing your products online is the primary target of a website, then catching leads and displaying your products prominently are top requirement.

Check if you are keeping a subscription option like email id and name fields in the top fold of your website. Make sure to display a popup with subscription option when the user tries to leave the site. Even a popup signup box as a welcome message for any visitor can help. All this is aggressive marketing and hurts user’s normal browsing but works pretty good in catching leads.

2) Build up your social presence:

Loyalty helps the most when it comes to selling products. Your customers will buy from you if they know you better.

In such a case, your social presence matters a lot. If you aren’t on the social media you will face a lot of negative criticism and your competitors will take the benefit.

Simply being on the social media is not enough. At this moment when every business is already on the social media, marketing and promoting along with updating and communicating becomes very important.

Make sure to have an active profile on the primary social sites like facebook, twitter, pinterest, google+ and linkedin. Along with this, get active on communities like Reddit etc. where discussions are valued.

3) Make strong social Profiles:

Having an active social profile helps to push things on the social media. Certain times, this something is a product of your own.

An active social profile is something that does not just have zombie followers boosting the numbers but engaged followers that retweets, likes and shares. To get such a profile for yourself on the social media the most important thing is to follow active people, unfollow the dead ones and keep updating your profile with interesting updates for 5 to 8 times a day.

4) Using PPC:

There is no dearth of free methods of promotions but when it comes to PPC for product marketing, no other channel is as effective.

With PPC you have the flexibility to promote your product in the search engine ranking pages and on targeted websites. Social PPC like facebook or twitter ads can help you reach an even larger audience by putting your products in front of billions of people.

5) Doing SEO:

Organic search engine visitors convert well. If proper keywords are targeted, it is even scalable.

Most of these visitors are searching for a product to buy. If some of these lands on your website, chances are good that they will buy from you.

Organic traffic is cheaper to get and compared to any other form of traffic, it converts best. In the longer run when you start to get ranking in the search engines, this kind of traffic becomes almost a free source that keeps sending you passive customers.

6) Sending emails

Selling products by email is the easiest way to sell products. All you have to do is, send an email blast and every time you do so, you will get sales.

There are some costs involved, for example a service like mailchimp or aweber will cost. But it is also a freedom as you have your customers on a list and can sell them any time you want.

However, one has to build the list and keep it fresh. Just like social media, unless you constantly keep sending updates, your followers will forget you. This is where an auto-responder set of emails can help a lot.

You need to keep you email leads fresh and interested. As long as you send useful and actionable content and present it in an interesting way, your email list will be your best selling grounds.

7) Doing Guest Posts:

There are many blogs on the internet that covers every single niche possible.

Most of these blogs are having an audience, they have a reach and such blogs can be used to get customers for your products.

Guest Blogging is a marketing tool by which you can post on such blogs and reach an audience with your high quality content. You might not be able to directly sell your products via guest blogging but you can get traffic back to your website, catch leads and sell eventually.

There are several channels that can be used to sell products online. The bottom line is that just like any other off line business, online business is also about communication, making a presence and keeping customers happy.

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