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You Can’t Have Content without the Marketing

Content and marketing goes hand in hand.

They are two faces of the same coin. Either is useless without the other. You can’t do marketing without the content. If you try it, it will look self-promotional and spammy. You need content to market whatever you are trying to sell.

Similarly, you can’t have content and get any benefit out of it without the marketing. Content needs to be promoted so that people who are interested in it can have access to it. If content is not consumed by the target audience for which it was built, it has failed to achieve its purpose.

Here, in this article, we will discuss 8 tips to promote your content by marketing it.

1) Social media – Going social is the best way to market any content.

Choose your social platform based on the niche and type of your content. For example, youtube for video, flickr for photos, reddit, facebook, twitter, G+ for articles and so on. Go deep into the social media and target niche based content. For humour go for reddit and fark, for going green try care2 etc.

The first step in promoting content via social media is having an established profile of your own. A great social profile is the right kind of launching pad that propels any content foreword. From there on, build some loyal followers that are both established and promote whatever you share.

Once you get this initial step correct, from there on you need to build more followers to gain more reach. Additional steps that you can take from this point on are to buy social advertisement. Facebook, twitter, linkedin, stumbleupon all of these huge social sites provides official advertisement options. Check for content that is doing good organically, and boost those with paid promotions.

2) Press Release – Press release can be used to promote content.

Write a really good press release with newsworthy announcement. Put quotes in that press release that links back to your content. This is an excellent way to gain links and traffic from a press release and get the content promoted further.

3) Blog comments – related blogs can be a great place to promote your content.

Whatever be your content, you will find plenty of blogs that has already covered that topic or are related to it. Simply start commenting on those blogs. Make sure to write an exceptional piece of comment to get more benefits out of it.

4) Guest Blogging – This is the best marketing method to get your content promoted.

The only catch here is that, guest blogging works best with a really great piece of content. So, if you are trying to promote your content with guest blogging, you will have to come up with an equally good piece of content.

5) Forums – There are forums on every niche and topic and some of them are really big and active.

The best way to use forums for your promotion is to build a strong profile on the forum first. Forums can get very strict sometimes and we can’t really blame them seeing how much spam they have to deal with on a daily basis. So, it is best to build a reputation before thinking about promoting your own stuff.

6) Groups – Most social platforms have groups that are both big and active. Such groups are like forums and are very helpful in promoting good content.

Just make sure to not look like a self-promoting member and things will work out pretty much nicely for you.

7) News Letters – Previously, RSS feeds used to do this part. However, at this point – newsletter serve a much greater purpose. If you have a really active news letter subscriber list, it can promote content pretty nicely.

Newsletter do take some hard work to keep active and engaged. It only takes a single click to unsubscribe so a poor piece of content can really do a major harm.

If done properly, the newsletter will reach the inbox of your target audience and will be read pretty quickly.

8) Roundups – sometimes old content becomes forgotten. You can’t have great old content and make good use of it without really marketing it.

Old and forgotten content needs to be pushed up and re-published if required. Do roundup and link to old posts and articles. Use marketing methods such as guest blogging and link to old content to dive more traffic to it. Push them up on the social media by doing a social round up.

Even roundup of recently performing articles help. The more eyes you can send to a piece of content, the more successful it will be.

There is no point having content without marketing it as it will fall flat and no one will know that the content even exists. It will just get rotten and die.

Make good use of your content, spread it well.

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