Content Marketing Strategies for Business by Brian Newmark Reviewed by Momizat on . Content marketing can be really helpful for your business. Both online or offline business looking to create an awareness about their brands can use content mar Content marketing can be really helpful for your business. Both online or offline business looking to create an awareness about their brands can use content mar Rating:
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Content Marketing Strategies for Business by Brian Newmark

Content marketing can be really helpful for your business.

Both online or offline business looking to create an awareness about their brands can use content marketing for promotions.

One of the very basic requirements for a content marketing campaign to work positively for a business is to have a solid strategy backing it up.

Strategy is something that will decide the fate of a content marketing campaign and this is also an area where most businesses fail.

Here, in this article, we will discuss several strategies for a strong content marketing business plan.

1) The Motto of your business:

This step works even better if you highlight yourself instead of your business.

Launch your Manifesto.

A good manifesto must be interesting, should be available in a lot of formats and preferably as a PDF and should contain useful information. Place it prominently in your website and allow free download with an optional signup on the newsletter option. Generally, you don’t need any call to action before someone downloads the manifesto. You need people to download it for free and read it. Have all the call-to-action buttons at the end of the manifesto so that nothing interferes with the reading.

So, once you have your manifesto ready, it is time to promote it. When it comes to promoting your manifesto, it should be promoted like it is your primary objective. Give a link to it on your social media profiles, feature it prominently in your website, do guest posts and provide a download link to your manifesto. Promote it via other promotional channels like paid social media, PPC and other options available to you.

2) Social media:

Any business who fails to use social media effectively, will eventually fail.

Your social profiles are your primary weapon for your social presence. Social media is like micro blogging, you can’t make a schedule of publishing 3 updates a week. On social media, you need to be quick and you need your updates to be interesting. Make a schedule to publish at least 6 to 8 updates a day, spaced out by a few hours of a gap. The best way to do it is to use apps like buffer. With buffer, you can schedule updates for weeks in advance and focus your attention to other important aspects of your social profile building like connecting with other influencers etc.

Generally, when you are working on your social media profiles, say twitter for example – you should look to increase your follower count by at least three to five thousand followers a month. If these followers are active, you will gain an increased retweet and favourites to your updates. More people will follow you and soon you will become an influencer yourself.

3) The business blog:

Having a blog for your business is something that can’t be done without.

Yes, it is expensive as content alone has a cost and since it is your business blog, you can’t look to get cheap content.

Your business blog will require a few key things to begin with. Firstly, you need to have a content schedule. Look to post at least 3 posts a week and keep some very high quality articles as flagship content in your sidebar of the blog. Then, you need to increase the activity of your blog. It should get a lot of comments and social shares. If you have worked on your social profiles then getting the social shares are not that difficult. Yes, it does take time, but eventually the shares will just keep mounting.

For the comments, it is best to do what everyone else does. Hire some commentators to make comments on other people’s blogs. Some of them will retaliate and your own posts will start to get more comments. In addition to the natural commenting system of your CMS you can add an additional comments system like facebook or Google plus comments to increase further engagement.

4) The News Letter:

The news letter is the ultimate way to reach your audience. It should be part of your primary marketing strategy. All other means to promote your content depends on your audience’s wish, if they want to check out your blog or your social profiles they will do so. However, the newsletter reaches their inbox where they have got no other choice but to check it out.

If you have worked hard on your manifesto then your news letter subscribers are already available to you. Use an email system like aweber or mailchimp and start delivering your best content to your newsletter subscribers. Keep them interested and hooked in and they will never leave you. News letter subscribers are always helpful when it comes to spread your message further as they foreword the emails to their friends, share your content on the social media and promotes it further.

There are many content marketing strategies for businesses and many of those strategies works as a charm. It is all about how you implement them and how consistent you are in applying them into your business.


by Brian Newmark

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Brian Newmark is an Internationally respected Content Marketing sharpshooter, Brand Management Guru, Marketing and PR Genius, Social Media Master, Porsche Fanatic and all around great guy. Brian lives in Villanova, PA which is a suburb of Philadelphia.

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    I had a similar situation for a company I was doing work for and the results were great, thanks Brian

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    I appreciate what you are saying Brian, but can you give an example?

  • Brian Newmark

    The Launchpad is critical and I feel bad in saying this is where experts have an advantage. We know what resources are available and where to get the content placed.

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    Thanks Brian, this was exactly what I am looking for!

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    Thanks Brian Newmark, verry interesting and verry useful…i like it a lot

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    It’s a very useful article, Thanks Brian Newmark. Good info and the read is most helpful. Linking it all together is positive for sure. I like a lot.

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    Very helpful, I am wondering if you have ever consulted for a digital magazine and what the cost would be per hour.

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    Thanks Brian Newmark, can’t wait to try this!

  • Brian Newmark

    While I have not worked for a digital magazine, I have done EXTENSIVE work for a news publishing network with a dozen different news sits. I suspect the skill set is transferable. In terms of billable, I prefer not to work by the hour, but by the job. That being said, I want to be integral in my client’s success, that is how my practice has flourished, so I’ll make sure budget is not a hindrance to getting good advice.

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    Nice tips. I can not wait to try some examples directly to my website. Thanks Mr. Brian Newmark.

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