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Brian Newmark is an Internationally respected Content Marketing sharpshooter, Brand Management Guru, Marketing and PR Genius, Social Media Master, Porsche Fanatic and all around great guy. Brian lives in Villanova, PA which is a suburb of Philadelphia.

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Brian Newmark Fall/Winter 2018

Brian Newmark: Happy to see that it hasn't taken me nearly as long to write again. So what is going on in Villanova - Radnor Pennsylvania? Lots: Insurance Business - I've been super busy in the insurance world. The primary business had its busiest and most profitable 30 days in company history this Fall. Can't complain about that. Not surprisingly that means the pipeline is now pretty empty so it will take ...

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Brian Newmark April 2018 Update

I'm thrilled with the progress one of the companies I co-founded is making. We stalled a bit in the second half of 2017, but made tremendous progress in the first quarter. It looks like we'll be shooting a demo-reel by this summer. More details to come as soon as they become public. ...

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January 2018 Brian Newmark Update

Wow, it has been a long time since I spent time offloading my thoughts. So here is an update of 2017. Last year was an interesting year. I spent the first half of the year working non-stop on Deaflix Inc. a company I co-founded in 2014.  In late 2016 things started to heat up and Deaflix became nearly a full time job. For that reason, I sold the restaurants of Naan Ventures.  The experience was fun, I doubl ...

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Just an Update From Brian Newmark

All, I know it seems like I've quit doing these posts, but I have not.  I've been building up the content on my company website Augment Marketing.  For a bit of a change of pace, I purchased a restaurant in the University City neighborhood of Philadelphia called Tandoor India.  Yes it is an Indian restaurant.  Customers frequently ask if I'm from India, I say, no Villanova.  It makes me smile :-) Currently ...

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5 Important Things to Know For Business Blogging

Business blogging is much more then maintaining an online log of events. It is blogging with a purpose to get more business. Business blogging is effectively a marketing channel to promote and increase the reach or gain more sales and conversions. It all boils down to ROI. There are a number of things that matters in business, like branding, conversions, reputation, fans and followers, reach and spread etc. ...

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How Writing Blog Posts Can Increase Product Sales

There are a number of platforms for communicating with your audience but nothing is as useful as having a blog. A blog is an independent platform that can work with other platforms for promoting a message. The main thing here is that you own your platform unlike a social media profile or an email system that is owned by someone else. With a business blog under your sleeve, you have a marketing platform that ...

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How to Compete On the Internet with Marketing Campaigns

The internet is a huge place and it is ever growing. The sear size of the internet in number of users has crossed 3 billion in 2014. If you think it is difficult to reach them, half of those people are already on Facebook now. There are over 12 Billion monthly searches on Google. The stats are huge and that is a great thing. It is not about the competition that you should worry about; it is the size of the ...

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What Product Marketing Should Mean To You

As a marketer or the owner of products, what product marketing should mean to you is ultimately sales. Any marketing that does not generate sales or catch leads is destined to doom. A successful product marketing campaign can get you featured on huge media houses, make a brand out of it, and get it popular across various countries. All this is really great, but the bottom line is, what is in it for me? If I ...

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