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What Product Marketing Should Mean To You

As a marketer or the owner of products, what product marketing should mean to you is ultimately sales. Any marketing that does not generate sales or catch leads is destined to doom. A successful product marketing campaign can get you featured on huge media houses, make a brand out of it, and get it popular across various countries. All this is really great, but the bottom line is, what is in it for me? If I ...

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Why Blogging Is Important When Marketing Your Products

A blog is a platform for reaching an audience via. posting content and keeping it updated. There are so many other mediums of communication available today, like social media, email services, etc. So, why do we need a blog? Blogging is not just for communication alone, it sets you up as a leader and an expert on your niche. You gain true following by writing new blog posts and attract an audience that is lo ...

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Customer Service, A Key Factor To Product Marketing, by Brian Newmark

Whatever business you are in, there is one universal business truth that applies to everyone. It is far cheaper to retain a customer than earn a new one. If you have existing customer, turn them into your loyal followers and evangelists by keeping them happy. It is the law of compounding at play where you retain old customers and add new ones and this way you will have more customers than what you had in th ...

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Marketing Content Is Like Marketing Products, by Brian Newmark

There is a connection between marketing your product and marketing your content. When you market your product, you do a self promotional activity. It is difficult, brings fewer benefits and adds more to the costs. In short, self promotion and marketing products directly isn’t cool. What works smoothly is marketing content. That is where content marketing starts. Here, in this article, we will discuss ways t ...

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