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How Technology has changed Product Marketing

There is nothing new about selling products. Products were bought and sold before the internet existed; they were sold even before any form of currency was invented. What has changed in the past decade is the approach. With technology kicking in, the entire method of product marketing has changed and has taken a more scientific approach towards it. This new shift has proven to sell more with less effort and ...

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Marketing Your Products Online, by Brian Newmark

Having your own products and selling them online is the ultimate online stability for any business. All you need to do is get your products online and both digital and real-world goods qualify for this. However, getting your products online and making sales are two different things. When it comes to marketing your products on the internet, you need quite a few steps to successfully market and sell. 1) Tweak ...

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Using Content to launch your new Products, by Brian Newmark

There is one thing on the internet that can be pushed as much as you like without being self-promotional. It is certainly not your new product. Content. There’s just one word for it. An informational, entertaining, catchy and well presented piece of content can be promoted as much as you like, and more you promote it, better it gets. This content, being natural and high quality, can be used to promote your ...

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Top 8 Reasons Your New Product Marketing Campaign Will Fail, by Brian Newmark

It is not easy to get a new product out there and expect it to do well. The product might not be ready, it might have competition, and there might be other products that are superior in quality or marketing. In short there are many reasons why your new product marketing campaign can fail. 1) Half ready product: This is the primary reason why many new products fail. It is launched when it is not ready. A lot ...

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When Product Marketing Goes Wrong by Brian Newmark

Product marketing is an online marketing method where a certain product is promoted and marketed to get more sales. There are several ways by which a product can be marketed online. It is a quick way to start selling the product and earning instant income. If the product is sold on subscription then it can even bring monthly income. Product marketing surely seems like a great idea. There is almost nothing b ...

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