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True Signs you are better than your Competitors, by Brian Newmark

Any business will have competitors. If there is profit or potential in the niche that your business is, you will have a lot of competition. This competition is healthy as it means your niche is good. Use this competition to track your progress and see if you are doing better than your competitors. Analyze it, make reports based on your findings and see how your business is performing next to a targeted comp ...

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10 Ways to Stay Ahead Of The Game, by Brian Newmark

In order to be successful in your online business you need to stay ahead of the crowd. There is no dearth of competition in any niche but staying ahead will place you on the top and make you an expert on the topic of your business. There are certain things that will put you ahead, for example media coverage, guest blogging on A-list blogs, a decent PPC budget etc. but it will also put a dent on your marketi ...

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Business Blogging: A Must Do For All Companies, by Brian Newmark

There was a time when every business was expected to have a website. Now, most have it anyway. And it is no longer enough. When everyone has a facebook page, a Google local listing, a twitter ID, a website and everything else that is a must have, it becomes a general practice. You have it and so does everyone else. What sets you apart is how you maintain it. In a time like this, a perfectly maintained busin ...

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8 Tips to get more downloads on your mobile app, by Brian Newmark

The days of the laptops are nearing an end as the dawn of cell phones is heading towards a bright sunny day. No matter how broke someone is, they still have a cell phone and internet connection to browse your websites. However, simply having a mobile responsive site is no longer enough, to beat the completion and stay ahead; one must look to get their mobile apps downloaded by their end users. Here, in this ...

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Using Content to launch your new Products, by Brian Newmark

There is one thing on the internet that can be pushed as much as you like without being self-promotional. It is certainly not your new product. Content. There’s just one word for it. An informational, entertaining, catchy and well presented piece of content can be promoted as much as you like, and more you promote it, better it gets. This content, being natural and high quality, can be used to promote your ...

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