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10 Signs you’re marketing wrong, by Brian Newmark

Every marketing campaign has some errors. Sometimes an entire campaign can go wrong and backfire. And that is all right. Because that is how you learn and stop making the same mistakes in the future. Taking educated risk is a part of business. But doing mistakes that are potentially stupid, doing things that are established as not worth doing, taking risks that are known to flop are perfect signs that you a ...

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8 Tips to get more downloads on your mobile app, by Brian Newmark

The days of the laptops are nearing an end as the dawn of cell phones is heading towards a bright sunny day. No matter how broke someone is, they still have a cell phone and internet connection to browse your websites. However, simply having a mobile responsive site is no longer enough, to beat the completion and stay ahead; one must look to get their mobile apps downloaded by their end users. Here, in this ...

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7 Steps to Market Your New Product Line, by Brian Newmark

One of the quickest ways for a business to grow further is to add something new. This something is generally related to the existing products, thus complementing the rest of the product line. Even if your new product line represents an existing brand, supports existing products and is a necessity for the market, it still has to be marketed. A new product line needs to be marketed from scratch. One has to do ...

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Marketing Content Is Like Marketing Products, by Brian Newmark

There is a connection between marketing your product and marketing your content. When you market your product, you do a self promotional activity. It is difficult, brings fewer benefits and adds more to the costs. In short, self promotion and marketing products directly isn’t cool. What works smoothly is marketing content. That is where content marketing starts. Here, in this article, we will discuss ways t ...

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Is Guest Blogging Really Good For Content Marketing, by Brian Newmark

Guest Blogging, it is a marketing tool to provide great content and get published in return. The process is fairly simple; you as a guest blogger research your niche and find a bunch of blogs that are related to your business. Then, start learning more about those blogs like what kind of topics works best on them, what has been covered and what can do well that has not been covered yet. Once you are ready, ...

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