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10 Ways to Stay Ahead Of The Game, by Brian Newmark

In order to be successful in your online business you need to stay ahead of the crowd. There is no dearth of competition in any niche but staying ahead will place you on the top and make you an expert on the topic of your business. There are certain things that will put you ahead, for example media coverage, guest blogging on A-list blogs, a decent PPC budget etc. but it will also put a dent on your marketi ...

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Social Media Has Increased the Need for Content Creation by Brian Newmark

Social Media. This is one term that has changed the marketing activities for all brands in the current environment. The credit partly goes to sites like facebook or twitter that has enabled advertising at a crowd sourcing level. Even with the lowest of the budget an advertisement campaign can be tested and the results can be analyzed before starting a fully fledged campaign. The best of the social campaigns ...

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