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5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is Not For You, by Brian Newmark

Content marketing can help any business to flourish and make a brand presence for them online. Content marketing can be for anyone. And yet, it is not for you. You won’t want to do anything that does not help. You surely do not want to do anything that hurts. Content marketing can hurt instead of helping if you go wrong with it. Here are several reasons why content marketing is not for you. 1) Cheap and Fre ...

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Content Marketing Strategies for Business by Brian Newmark

Content marketing can be really helpful for your business. Both online or offline business looking to create an awareness about their brands can use content marketing for promotions. One of the very basic requirements for a content marketing campaign to work positively for a business is to have a solid strategy backing it up. Strategy is something that will decide the fate of a content marketing campaign an ...

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You Can’t Have Content without the Marketing

Content and marketing goes hand in hand. They are two faces of the same coin. Either is useless without the other. You can’t do marketing without the content. If you try it, it will look self-promotional and spammy. You need content to market whatever you are trying to sell. Similarly, you can’t have content and get any benefit out of it without the marketing. Content needs to be promoted so that people who ...

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Why is the Marketer so critical in Content Marketing?

A Content Marketer is someone who is spreading his content in the hope of gaining visibility, traffic, links and mentions. He is a promoter of quality content – someone who gives value and gains a reputation along with many other benefits. Content marketing can be very helpful – it can spread your content to the depths of the Internet, bring new clients, attract potential visitors, and make conversions easy ...

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