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How Content Marketing Has Changed Small Business by Brian Newmark

What do you see? Even today, in the most prime retail locations – the stores and their showrooms are packed with customers and their shelves are stacked with premier brands. But, in many retail locations you see empty store fronts or former stores are now restaurants, as they are the only retail locations which seem to have been rapidly growing in this digital age. For those of us old enough, we remember wh ...

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Is content marketing the new SEO? According to Brian Newmark it is

The New SEO requires natural links. Or as natural as you can make it look. Remember – it is the search engines for which you optimize. So, if the search engines declare your links to be non-natural, even if they were naturally acquired – it will make no difference. That is to say – your natural links should not just be natural, but they should look natural as well. Even if you buy links – and they look natu ...

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