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Content Marketing Strategies for Business by Brian Newmark

Content marketing can be really helpful for your business. Both online or offline business looking to create an awareness about their brands can use content marketing for promotions. One of the very basic requirements for a content marketing campaign to work positively for a business is to have a solid strategy backing it up. Strategy is something that will decide the fate of a content marketing campaign an ...

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Content Marketing Increasing Sales for Small Business, by Brian Newmark

Sales, This is one buzzword that works for all sort of business. For both online and offline, if you have sales your business is doing great. Bigger brands don’t have to worry about sales as much due to their vast size. They have enough funds to do some insane ad campaign and dive plenty of sales. However, for the small business, especially if you are online, sales do not necessarily come that easily. You c ...

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How Content Marketing Has Changed Small Business by Brian Newmark

What do you see? Even today, in the most prime retail locations – the stores and their showrooms are packed with customers and their shelves are stacked with premier brands. But, in many retail locations you see empty store fronts or former stores are now restaurants, as they are the only retail locations which seem to have been rapidly growing in this digital age. For those of us old enough, we remember wh ...

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