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True Signs you are better than your Competitors, by Brian Newmark

Any business will have competitors. If there is profit or potential in the niche that your business is, you will have a lot of competition. This competition is healthy as it means your niche is good. Use this competition to track your progress and see if you are doing better than your competitors. Analyze it, make reports based on your findings and see how your business is performing next to a targeted comp ...

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10 Ways to Stay Ahead Of The Game, by Brian Newmark

In order to be successful in your online business you need to stay ahead of the crowd. There is no dearth of competition in any niche but staying ahead will place you on the top and make you an expert on the topic of your business. There are certain things that will put you ahead, for example media coverage, guest blogging on A-list blogs, a decent PPC budget etc. but it will also put a dent on your marketi ...

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The importance of Content Marketing for Content Creation, by Brian Newmark

Remember the old days when search engines where new, their algos were stupid and they had no idea how to detect which content is good and which is spun garbage. Anything used to rank then. Just scratch a piece of content, build some silly links for it and start enjoying some insane traffic. Those days are lost and such content no longer works. With the new search algorithms coming in, the need for high qual ...

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How Content Marketing Drives Direct Targeted Traffic, by Brian Newmark

Looking for more traffic? Is the targeting not accurate enough? Sure you got the niche correct and the audience is very much interested too, but unfortunately you do not ship to that particular location. Or perhaps you were looking for the other gender? Gone are those days when you had to buy an ad on a TV show and expect that some people watching your ad might end up buying your product. Even with the earl ...

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Content Marketing Increasing Sales for Small Business, by Brian Newmark

Sales, This is one buzzword that works for all sort of business. For both online and offline, if you have sales your business is doing great. Bigger brands don’t have to worry about sales as much due to their vast size. They have enough funds to do some insane ad campaign and dive plenty of sales. However, for the small business, especially if you are online, sales do not necessarily come that easily. You c ...

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