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Just an Update From Brian Newmark

All, I know it seems like I've quit doing these posts, but I have not.  I've been building up the content on my company website Augment Marketing.  For a bit of a change of pace, I purchased a restaurant in the University City neighborhood of Philadelphia called Tandoor India.  Yes it is an Indian restaurant.  Customers frequently ask if I'm from India, I say, no Villanova.  It makes me smile :-) Currently ...

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Top 8 Reasons Your New Product Marketing Campaign Will Fail, by Brian Newmark

It is not easy to get a new product out there and expect it to do well. The product might not be ready, it might have competition, and there might be other products that are superior in quality or marketing. In short there are many reasons why your new product marketing campaign can fail. 1) Half ready product: This is the primary reason why many new products fail. It is launched when it is not ready. A lot ...

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Marketing Online, 9 things NOT To do, by Brian Newmark

Online marketing can be done on several channels. Each offers unique benefits and with every marketing method one can explore a wide range of opportunities. There are social platforms, PPC, SEO and there are a whole host of marketing methods like guest blogging, content marketing etc. Any marketing method is worth doing as long as it brings positive ROI. However, there are certain online marketing methods t ...

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Marketing, Just As Important As Content Creation by Brian Newmark

There was a time, not too long ago when things were very different on the internet. Any content was good to have, the search engines were too stupid to make out any difference between good content and the usual crap. That time is over and perhaps for the better. Now, content creation is step one and marketing is step two. If you want any success online, you just have to do both steps properly. Here, in this ...

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