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Marketing, Just As Important As Content Creation by Brian Newmark

There was a time, not too long ago when things were very different on the internet. Any content was good to have, the search engines were too stupid to make out any difference between good content and the usual crap. That time is over and perhaps for the better. Now, content creation is step one and marketing is step two. If you want any success online, you just have to do both steps properly. Here, in this ...

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The importance of Content Marketing for Content Creation, by Brian Newmark

Remember the old days when search engines where new, their algos were stupid and they had no idea how to detect which content is good and which is spun garbage. Anything used to rank then. Just scratch a piece of content, build some silly links for it and start enjoying some insane traffic. Those days are lost and such content no longer works. With the new search algorithms coming in, the need for high qual ...

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Top 10 Reasons Content Marketing Increases Sales

Are your sales down? Not getting enough customers for your excellent products? There is no problem with your system. The problem is in your reach. If no one knows about your products, whatever you do, you won’t get any sale. Use content marketing for the rescue, build your audience, grow your business and boost your sales. Here are the top 10 reasons on how content marketing increases sales. 1) Build your o ...

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