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Five Reasons You Suck At Content Marketing, by Brian Newmark

Content marketing not working out for you? You have strategized the whole thing, implemented it carefully and now you are waiting for results that are unlikely ever to come. What went wrong? You start blaming yourself and keep wondering if you really do suck at content marketing. Here, in this article, we will discuss five reasons why your content marketing efforts are not delivering results. 1) Content: Th ...

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How to Do Content Marketing Properly by Brian Newmark

Content marketing can be really helpful for just about any business, if done properly. It can however mess things up if you do not do it with care. Content marketing requires your finest content, self-less distributions and a bucket load of promotions to make it work. All this is difficult and requires even a budget to begin with but definitely possible. One needs to be consistent and disciplined with their ...

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