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Customer Service, A Key Factor To Product Marketing, by Brian Newmark

Whatever business you are in, there is one universal business truth that applies to everyone. It is far cheaper to retain a customer than earn a new one. If you have existing customer, turn them into your loyal followers and evangelists by keeping them happy. It is the law of compounding at play where you retain old customers and add new ones and this way you will have more customers than what you had in th ...

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Content Marketing; A Strong Strategy For Driving Traffic, by Brian Newmark

Traffic. This term has a different meaning based on the perspective. If sales are your primary goal, the action that your generated traffic takes should end up buying your stuff. If you want conversions, perhaps on an email list or on social media, you will have a different approach with your traffic. You need a traffic strategy in place that brings targeted traffic based on your specific needs. This is whe ...

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