How to Compete On the Internet with Marketing Campaigns Reviewed by Momizat on . The internet is a huge place and it is ever growing. The sear size of the internet in number of users has crossed 3 billion in 2014. If you think it is difficul The internet is a huge place and it is ever growing. The sear size of the internet in number of users has crossed 3 billion in 2014. If you think it is difficul Rating:
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How to Compete On the Internet with Marketing Campaigns

How to Compete On the Internet with Marketing Campaigns

The internet is a huge place and it is ever growing. The sear size of the internet in number of users has crossed 3 billion in 2014. If you think it is difficult to reach them, half of those people are already on Facebook now. There are over 12 Billion monthly searches on Google. The stats are huge and that is a great thing. It is not about the competition that you should worry about; it is the size of the pie that should excite you.

So, it all boils down to this. How to compete on the internet with your marketing campaigns?

1) Basics:

Before you start any campaign, make sure your basics are correct. Here are some priority items for your checklist:

  • Make sure your site is mobile responsive.
  • Make sure your shopping cart works properly.
  • Make sure you have an email subscription option to catch leads.
  • Build, manage, integrate and keep your social pages active.

Once you are sure that your website and your products are ready for the marketing, start working on the step 2.

2) Get the campaign right:

It is important to analyze your business and make a check list for what marketing channels will be used. Online marketing has many methods and each is so different from the other that missing out on a good channel is nothing less than a loss. Let us do a list of some important marketing channels:

  • PPC ‚Äď This includes services like adwords, facebook ads, intext ads like infolinks etc.
  • Organic SEO ‚Äď SEO can‚Äôt be ignored. There are so many other channels but occupying seats on the SERPS don‚Äôt have an alternative.
  • Online Promotions ‚Äď Blog comments, forum posts etc. Using sites like HARO to reach the media.
  • Email Subscriptions ‚Äď Using services like aweber, mailchimp etc. Setting up an auto-responder series to keep the leads hot.
  • Press release ‚Äď there are several options for these and sites like PRweb is a good place to start.
  • Guest Blogging ‚Äď This is one method that can blast your content marketing efforts to reach the maximum possible audience.
  • Contests ‚Äď Contests bring so much of attention that no amount of paid promotions can bring.

Once you have selected a list of marketing channels, it is time to start working on your actual campaign.

3) Do the ground work:

Start the actual ground work, get the campaign ready. If your online marketing campaign is about selling products you need to use PPC. For this start doing keyword research and compile a huge list of targeted keywords that will help in getting conversions. If email marketing is on your checklist then setup an auto-responder series. If you are planning to do guest blogging you will require some very good articles that are targeted to your business.

Whatever marketing channel you use, you will have to build a strong base before you can start implementing your campaigns.

4) Social Media:

Even if you are planning to do paid social media promotions via social PPC, one still has to make their social pages attractive. Build a social page for your company in atleast four of the top social sites like facebook, Google+, twitter and Linkedin. Make sure to update your social pages with at least 5 updates a day. These updates should have a catchy image or a video along with a small piece of text.

There are many benefits of having a strong social profile. These are the base on which your content marketing campaigns will be pushed. Attractive and updated social pages are important for reputation building.

5) Network:

One of the easiest ways to promote a business online is by networking with the influencers. This process does not require any investment or money and can be started right away. However, many still do not bother to put the effort into this. How many bloggers or social media influencers do you know who are related to your business or niche? It is very easy to build such connections as a simple comment on a blog post or a retweet or like on their updates can get you in their good books. Do it regularly and some of those bloggers will even take out time and check your site in return.

When you will start your marketing campaigns, these influencers will be the first of the lot that backs you up. Leverage their reach to promote your campaigns and get success.

While having a great site and a great product along with some decent articles are important, one should also understand that these are the bare minimums. As everyone does it already and others expect you to have such features by default? So it does not add up, but can be a quick negative if you lack in the basics. What you do in the marketing will ultimately decide how well you compete on the internet.

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